3D Golf services for Architects, Green renovations, Irrigation and Design companies

Golf Course Maps in 3D


Golf course designers and managers use accurate, detailed maps of their golf course as-built to better manage the course. This is a great launching point for golf course re-design. You can also order 3-D Golf Course Maps of your course design. These maps are particularly useful in planning your new golf course design, as they show we can show such things as


3D Golf Cloud Fly-Thru

Fly over your new golf course design to see a birds eye view before it's built.


3D Ball Drop

See a preview of the roll patterns of balls dropped on the green


3D Green scan

Experience flying over your newly-designed golf course in full color with greens information right on the map.


Take the next step to make golf course management and planning much easier for all those involved! Point North’s expertise in Mapping, GIS and Land Surveying gives us the unique skill set to help you with planning and upgrading an existing course or a brand new one. We emphasize the importance of communication among the various members of your organization from golf course planners to the end users -- the golfers themselves.


You'll receive a product that is exactly what all entities need for present and future planning. as well as keeping the planning process smooth and organized. Our customers include Golf Course Architects, Course Renovators, Shaping, Irrigation and Design companies, among others.


Point North’s HD Golf Land Surveying uses a survey-based scanning technology, RTK GPS and robotic total stations to capture all the detailed information necessary to meet the demands of each particular design project.


3D Golf Scans


Our newest technology combined with our field data collection methods has revolutionized 3D green scanning, promoting us to the leading edge of the 3D green scanning industry.




We use highly accurate GPS equipment to locate your Green areas, irrigation systems, water flow catch basin, impervious surfaces and as-builts.


Applications for HD Green Contouring Land Surveying:


- Architectural Plans

- Compare as-built greens to designed layout

- Compare as-built greens to renovated greens

- 3D Digital elevation modeling

- Valuable slope information

- Precise pin locations

- Historical Maintenance

- Superintendent maintenance, Wall maps and or digital files

- Site Grading and Cut/Fill applications


More applications for our HD Surveying:


- Detailed maps for Golf Tournaments

- Club house display maps

- Video graphics applications

- Web site applications

- Survey grade yardage information

- Golf Simulators


Digital Files for Architects, Renovations and Irrigation companies


- CAD .dwg or .dxf files

- Microstation export files

- Land .xml files

- Almost all image files for easy Web and Graphics integration


Greens Keepers. Meet your new best friend.


- improve the health of your greens

- streamline the process of pin locations

- keep your regular golfers engaged

- create more challenging pin locations

- no need to work from memory

- maximize and optimize the number of pins on your greens


Start right now to make your job easier, more accurate and better for your golfers and let the compliments begin.


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Point North Inc also is a Land Surveying firm with full GPS, Mapping and GIS capabilities.


We would be able to offer turnkey services from the beginning to the end of your project.

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3D Golf Scanning/RTK GPS Land Surveying/ GIS mapping


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